It’s not healthy by any stretch, but mix all of these together to make my most powerful comfort food.

A little after 10 PM it will be 22:22:22 on 2/2/22. My mother always called me when things like this happened and we would celebrate. I miss her. So, maybe you can take a pause and say “woo hoo” when you notice the event and think about someone you celebrate little, silly things with.

I have 3 weather apps on my phone, each pointed to a different model provider. They are predicting between 0 and 10cm of snow by tomorrow morning. Usually, at least two of them agree, but not today.

Tedious but hopefully tasty

Cinnamon rolls all from scratch. Next time I’ll half the recipe. These were too big.

King Arthur, White bread 101

I don’t like chocolate chip pecan pie. It’s too sweet. But, my whole family adores it. So, I make one every year about this time.

My child, who is living I the attic post-Uni, has made music. If you don’t hate it, I’m sure they would like encouragement.…

Side effect of living through The Plague: I __ still__ think it’s 2020 and have to correct myself.

As the baking holidays near, I am delighted to report that you can make brown sugar, no need to deal with buying too much and having it turn to a rock hard mess in the cupboard. Mix together 1T (15g) molasses with 1c (200g) sugar for light brown sugar. To make dark brown sugar, use 2T of molasses.

This week’s sandwich loaf 🍞

Orchids are in new pots. I really wish I knew what I was doing here. I predict at least one of these will decide it liked its old pot better and will die, just to spite me.

I suppose it says something about the state of apps and advertising: the number one way I find out about new and interesting apps is to research the icons from desktop screenshots of people I work with.

An Eagle? Hawk? Definitely a bird.

This is why smell-o-vision should have been invented.

The bread machine I bought in the ‘90s doesn’t work as well as it should. I’m trying to adapt my favorite recipes to “manual” methods. This is my best attempt so far.

I tested with the multimeter and the furnace started working after I replaced this part. Still, I’d like to see some burn mark or swollen capacitor or something to give me more confidence in my repair.

In a world of digital. I still trust a paper map and this compass the most. 📷

Slowly rotating in the prairie breeze. Minnesota in the Fall 📷

animals in my life 📷

A picture of a legend is sometimes inspiring and sometimes distracting. Try as I may, I don’t have their physical gifts or their youth. I sure love riding though 📷 🚲

Now 200 unsuccessful escape attempts in Hades. This isn’t much fun anymore. I’m pretty sure that if I stop now, I’ll never pick it up again. 🎮

I don’t feel like I understand hygge correctly, but this picture of Mattie wrapped in blankets feels like it is at least similar. 📷

Covered bridge in Vermont. 📷

When you snuggle down into your spot you feel safe 📷