In a world of digital. I still trust a paper map and this compass the most. 📷

Slowly rotating in the prairie breeze. Minnesota in the Fall 📷

animals in my life 📷

A picture of a legend is sometimes inspiring and sometimes distracting. Try as I may, I don’t have their physical gifts or their youth. I sure love riding though 📷 🚲

Now 200 unsuccessful escape attempts in Hades. This isn’t much fun anymore. I’m pretty sure that if I stop now, I’ll never pick it up again. 🎮

I don’t feel like I understand hygge correctly, but this picture of Mattie wrapped in blankets feels like it is at least similar. 📷

Covered bridge in Vermont. 📷

When you snuggle down into your spot you feel safe 📷

The street outside the beach rental before the rain starts. 📷

Any thing can be a toy, if it brings you joy 📷

📷 but you can always look sharp in a bow tie

Hey @Archimage I was thinking about throwaway lines on my bike ride.

She lived in one of those neighborhoods that had a bus line, only so the maids dirty cars wouldn’t clog the driveways.

Not as good as yours I’m afraid, but I was proud of it.

Sometimes majority is just a matter of which boundaries you can see. 📷

Orion in the dark 📷

📷 touch

I just can’t bring myself to throw out this book. I do have a 128 in the basement, but it should probably get tossed as well. 📚

Exceedingly happy to have discovered today that the pawl spring on my bike hub is a replaceable part. 5$ instead of 70$ for a new hub. I don’t know why this makes me so happy, but it does. 🚲

Most of the time, biking around DC can be dicey. But, once a year, they block off 20 miles of road and it is great fun. Tidal Basin, Mall, Memorial Bridge And Capital Grounds. Great fun. #🚲

The rain was so heavy, it was an aerial flood.

Youngest child is studying computers at university. She is currently very excited about learning to use git. I’m so proud.

I’m starting to think that I look better with a mask. I definetly feel more confident when I’m talking to strangers while wearing one.

My entire life I have been hung up on doing things the “correct” or the “intended” way. I don’t know where this comes from, but I’m working hard to overcome it. Today’s breakthrough: I used a Ziplok Freezer bag for something that is not going into the freezer. I feel so alive!

Lates potato harvest (cherry tomato for scale). It’s a good thing I don’t have to survive on this crop.

Working in software developers weird sometimes: today I spent a few hours making some pictures of farm animals spin around. I will get paid money for this.

I still don’t understand the game. But when you’re this close, and your favorite player is right there it’s pretty exciting.